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Innovate IT system management : ESS SmartIT Operation

ESS Smart IT Operation, the series of Encourage Technologies’ software products, bring you the efficiency and risk controls of your work by providing the infrastructure for IT system management, Main products consisted in ESS SmartIT Operation are shown below.

ESS REC is a de facto standard tool for user activity recording and more than 320 enterprises are using. ESS REC supports multi platform environment including Windows, Linux and UNIX operation system. ESS REC provides you the best way for monitoring and auditing user system operations by real-time monitoring and sending warning messages, and recording user activities on the computers in a detailed including desktop captures. English version, Chinese version (Simplified Chinese) and Japanese version are currently available.

Encourage Super Station is the consolidated system monitoring solution that can help enterprises and IT service providers to manage Heterogeneous system environment. The key benefit of using this products is to provide efficient system monitoring by consolidate one stop monitoring console and can monitor the system health of all servers, network devices and various types of applications. (Only Japanese version is currently available.)

ESS AutoQuality is the product of new concept of user system operation solution. The original type of RunBook- “Active RunBook” which you can make by ESS AutoQuality will provide you semi-auto system operation by automated command lines. ESS AutoQuality also capture and record the result of all command lines and make your check and audit easy. The benefit of AutoQuality is to gain quality and efficiency of user system operations.

Managing privileged ID is a key factor in IT general controls. ESS AdminControl is a Agent-less-type privilege ID management product and no installation of any programs into managed servers. ESS AdminControl provides you the secure privileged ID management environment and reduce the risk of misuse and abuse of such important account.

ESS AutoAuditor is the automated audit for user system operation validation. The risk of misuse of privileged ID is not only the case of “use by unauthorized users” but also “misuse by authorized users”. ESS AutoAuditor can automatically validate user system operation by comparing “pre-approved operation plan” and “user operation record”. The benefit of this product is to reduce the load of validation tasks for user system operation and reduce the risk for misuse of privileged IDs. Only Japanese version is currently available.

Supportive products of ESS SmartIT Operation

Shifting the system environment to cloud computing from on promises will automatically gain the opportunity of remote system maintenance because all of your servers are moved from your machine room to the cloud. One of the issues of remote system maintenance is the difficulty of physical monitoring of user system operations. Remote Access Auditor (RAA) can truthfully record the remote user system operation in detail, including capturing desktop screen like videos. The appropriateness and correctness of the operation contents are visualized so as to reduce miss operation and illegal operations in the remote system operation processes. English version and Japanese version are currently available.

Risk of using “Shared ID” such as root/Administrator is the difficulty of tracing user activity since those account do not indicate any personal identifications. ID Inspector is the product which identify the user who really using Shared ID such as root/Administrators without any customization of application and operation systems. ID Inspector provide you the traceability of such important account who are really using and what he did and gain security level of your system management environment.

Security solution of common office environment

SEER INNER can record all computer operations for the business workers. Doubtful operations can be detected and warning signals can be sent out accordingly. In addition, recorded operation logs can also be searched through in order to clearly know the tendency of its use and to detect incorrect operations as early as possible. It can also be used to compile the audit reports that can help to facilitate the IT control process. Only Japanese version is currently available.